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''These findings help us to understand people's perceptions of public sector workers and the problems various groups have with the state.''

Isa Bertram, Robin Bouwman & Lars Tummers


Published in Nature Human Behavior: "In a multi-site experiment spanning 22 countries on six continents, participants (N = 23,929) completed self-report (N = 17,591) and behavioral (N = 12,638) measures of trust in leaders who endorsed utilitarian or non-utilitarian principles in dilemmas concerning the COVID-19 pandemic."

Jim AC Everett, Clara Colombatto, Edmond Awad, Paulo Boggio, Björn Bos, William J. Brady, Megha Chawla, Vladimir Chituc, Dongil Chung, Moritz A. Drupp, Srishti Goel, Brit Grosskopf, Frederik Hjorth, Alissa Ji, Caleb Kealoha, Judy S. Kim, Yangfei Lin, Yina Ma, Michel André Maréchal, Federico Mancinelli, Christoph Mathys, Asmus L. Olsen, Graeme Pearce, Annayah MB Prosser, Niv Reggev, Nicholas Sabin, Julien Senn, Yeon Soon Shin, Walter Sinnott-Armstrong Hallgeir Sjåstad, Madelijn Strick, Sunhae Sul, Lars Tummers, Monique Turner,

Hongbo Yu, Yoonseo Zoh and Molly J. Crockett


''We hope this review helps researchers and practitioners analyze how leadership and JDR theory can be connected, ultimately leading to improved employee well-being and organizational performance.''

Lars Tummers & Arnold Bakker


"To help researchers conduct a systematic review or meta-analysis as efficiently and transparently as possible, we designed a tool to accelerate the step of screening titles and abstracts."

Rens van de Schoot, Jonathan de Bruin, Raoul Schram, Parisa Zahedi, Jan de Boer, Felix Weijdema, Bianca Kramer, Martijn Huijts, Maarten Hoogerwerf, Gerbrich Ferdinands, Albert Harkema, Joukje Willemsen, Yongchao Ma, Qixiang Fang, Sybren Hindriks, Lars Tummers, Daniel L Oberskiz


"This systematic review of 64 studies from the past 20 years shows there is considerable evidence for professionals actively contributing to interprofessional collaboration. Although the evidence is limited, we can show they do so in three distinct ways: by bridging professional, social, physical and task-related gaps, by negotiating overlaps in roles and tasks, and by creating spaces to be able to do so."

Evert Schot, Lars Tummers & Mirko Noordegraaf


"To gain a comprehensive understanding of active learning models for reducing workload 5 in systematic reviews, the current study provides an methodical overview of such models."

Gerbrich Ferdinands, Raoul D Schram, Jonathan de Bruin, Ayoub Bagheri, Daniel Leonard Oberski, Lars Tummers, Rens van de Schoot


"This study adds to the literature by studying the effects of teleworking on a day-to-day basis. The results highlight that public servants experience quite negative effects from teleworking, including greater professional isolation and less organizational commitment on the days that they worked entirely from home."

Hanna De Vries, Lars Tummers, Victor Bekkers​


"An analysis of public administration topics through a psychological lens can be useful to confirm, add nuance to, or extend classical public administration theories. As such, behavioral public administration complements traditional public administration."

"In this survey study of 7,208 Dutch healthcare workers, we investigate whether healthcare workers dealing with COVID-19 patients experience lower general health, more physical and mental exhaustion and more sleep problems than other healthcare workers."

Henrico van Roekel, Irene van der Fels, Arnold B. Bakker & Lars Tummers


"This systematic review identifies 42 field experiments in public administration and serves as an introduction to field experiments in public administration."

Jesper Asring Hansen & Lars Tummers


"This article has two goals. First, it aims to highlight how governments can try to change the behavior of citizens. The second goal of the article is to provide a conceptual framework that helps analyze whether public policies to stimulate behavior change are effective and supported by key stakeholders."

Lars Tummers


"This article brings together empirical academic research on public sector innovation. Via a systematic literature review, we investigate 181 articles and books on public sector innovation, published between 1990 and 2014."

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